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Re: BIG mail box...

Jacob S wrote:

On Mon, 20 Sep 2004 15:58:07 +0100
Grant <orblists@orbysrealm.com> wrote:


I setup qmail and courier imap last night... i also installed squirrelmail... which works fine! IF i have small mail boxes...

but me being me... copied all my old mail into the new mail box and
now squirrelmail wont load the box... its obviously too big for it...
As Mozilla picks up the mail fine and shows them all fine too :)

So my question is... anyone know of a better/good webmail client that can handle big mail boxes... i've looked at silkymail but it looks a little old.... i dunno if i could make a theme i havnt really looked into that... i really wanted squirrelmail or something that looked as good, unless there is a something i can edit so it accepts the bigger mail box ?

I've heard Squirrelmail's latest development branch (1.5.xx?) has a fix
for this. If your webmail isn't mission critical, you might give it a

Also, Ilohamail (available via apt-get) loads a lot faster on my server
and seems to work as well as Squirrelmail - provided you don't use many
Squirrelmail plugins currently. However, if you're using it for mailing
lists, I have heard that it doesn't include References to make threading
work right for people reading your replies.



Thanks for that! ilohamail is PERFECT! it loads fast AND looks good also :D oh and it loads the big mail box :D

thanks again! :)

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