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`who -d' Dead processes


I had a computer (old PC) running at my student house over the holidays
and was using it (as I am now) to ssh into and do my normal work etc.
Just by accident I discovered the `who -d' command and saw I had a
couple of 100 processes listed that way.  Also they where using up my
pty's.  Coz I was scared of running out of pty's I rebooted the system
since then.  But I get again lots of dead processes.

The thing is that afaik these processes should be connected to init at
some point and then cleaned up.  But the oldest such process was about
28 days old at the time of discovery.  This is what made me concerned.
If I can list them, can't I clean them up?  And why doesn't init do it
by itself?


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