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Re: Any Softwares related to engineering field available for Debian?

On Friday 24 September 2004 05:13, Siju George wrote:
> Thanks a lot Clifton for the reply! I haven't heard of Octave! i'll
> try to find out from net meanwhile if you have helpful links please
> post them.
> I heard of a CAD software called BRL-CAD
> http://www.brlcad.com/
> I also heard it is available for FreeBSD as a package. Don't know
> further! Any idea if it is available for debian?

There is also qcad, which is a Qt app (i.e. works well with KDE) providing
2D CAD.  It is available as a Debian package.


> And also what is your opinion about using GUI in Debian? i have used
> it only as Servers so there is no GUI installed! Which would you
> recommend for using Resource Intensive Applications like CAD, KDE or
> Thanks a lot again for the reply
> GOD bless you
> cheers
> Siju

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