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Re: ALSA on 2.6

On Tue, 2004-08-31 at 03:41, Tom Allison wrote:
> How to I check if ALSA is actually working on my system?

If the proper ALSA driver is loaded, the directory /proc/asound should
be populated. Here's what mine looks like:

obsolescence[12]> ls /proc/asound/
card0  cards  CMI8738  devices  hwdep  modules  oss  pcm  seq  timers 

> but I can't find anything in the xine menus to tell me 
> what it's using for sound.

Open the xine setup window, click on the "audio" tab and scroll to the
item labelled "audio driver to use".

> I made an assumption that kernel 2.6 provided alsa without additional 
> configuration other than loading the hardware drivers.

It should mostly work. When I upgraded to kernel 2.6 earlier in the
year, I had a problem with the OSS module being loaded first before the
ALSA module. Putting the offending OSS module name in
/etc/hotplug/blacklist allowed the ALSA module to finally load.


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