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Re: BIG mail box...

On Thu, 23 Sep 2004 01:42:43 -0400, the mental interface of Silvan told:
>> Ps - there is abount 4000 mails in the box...
> OK, I'll bite, since you already have a real answer anyway.
> I'd say I have a BIG mail box, and you only have an itty bitty one.
>  It's 223 MB and I count around 11,400 messages.  Do I win?

Hmm i count 168,563 messages and 5GB of attachments (all real emails, none spam) I don't consider that big... some of my colleagues have over 250,000!. I think the fact that squirrelmail uses IMAP and doesn't cache the mail is the reason why it's slow. I guess it's got a lot of processing to do all the time... If you use POP3 there's less processing involved (correct me if I'm wrong) so why not use evolution or something? Put all your mails into different mailboxes (ie categorised) should use up less processing power on ya.

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