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Any Softwares related to engineering field available for Debian?

Hi all,

I would like to know whether there are packags for Debian that are useful
for engineering students? Especially for
Mechanical/Production/Electrical/Automobile Engineering?

I mean some softewares like.

1) One which can emulate a CNC machine ie. students will be able to write
the program for cutting a work piece in a certain shape and dimension and
see actual shape and dimensions that will come out for their program.

2) Some packages that will help them in Plant/Factory Layout design.

3) Packages that will help them in solving Problems related to Operations
Research. PERT CPM etc?

4) Packages that will help them in Designing and Drawing Machine parts (like
ProE, Autocad etc.)

5) Some packages that will help in inventory control.

6) packages for price forecasting, purchase.

7) Or anything pertaining to Management Topics.

8) Some packages related to robotics or robot programming.

9) Any other relevant packages

How is the use of Linux in the Manufacturing Industry? Where are the specific
areas Linux is used in the Manufacturing Industry or in other Engineering

Please give me as much information as possible and references to web address
as possible. This will help many of my Junior collegemates who are intrested
in trying out Debian as well as give them a Free chance to learn their

Any packages relating to mathematical or scientific calculations are also
most welcome.

Thankyou so much to all of you posting on ths list for the prompt replies
and relevant information.

God bless you all



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