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Re: Re: Alsa in Debian Sarge? How to?


There is no need to do that. First, if you use Kernel 2.6, you must
make the changes to /etc/modprobe.d, not /etc/modutils.

I had similar problems with my modprobe configuration after a round of configuration (including running alsa-config) and ended up with a problem with symptoms like the ones described earlier.  Sound never worked, and in addition I suddenly had problems with my network card.

The problem turned out to be that somehow an empty /etc/modprobe.conf file had gotten created.  Apparently if that file is present, then the files in the /etc/modprobe.d directory are not loaded (unless /etc/modprobe.conf loads them explicitly).  So I could change the files in /etc/modprobe.d all I wanted without any effect.

Once I deleted /etc/modprobe.conf, things worked again (including sound).


Michael Haggerty

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