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Re: VERY strange process.. (ùb)

> Hi There,
> I have a very strange process runnning on my box. The process is marked
> as "ùb", and if i try to kill it, ssh dies...???
> Anyone seen this before?

That's really bizarre. Do a 'ps axl' and check out it's PPID (parent
process id) to see what process spawned it. That may provide some
clues. Also try 'ps axu' and see what user it's running as. Finally,
try 'lsof | grep "ùb"', or maybe just a 'lsof |  less'  and check out
what files and sockets (internet connections) it has open to see
what's going on.

It sounds like it may be something malicious... if the above doesn't
provide any clues, maybe try taking a look through /etc/init.d/*,
/etc/profile, /etc/inittab, ~/.bashrc,  ~/.bash_profile,  ~/.xinitrc,
etc to see if there's something wierd getting started up from them...

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