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Re: All these open ports

On Wednesday September 22 at 02:36pm
Dave Howorth <dhoworth@mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk> wrote:

> Tom Allison wrote:
> > More importantly today is to understand how 99.9% of the virus and 
> > malware is transmitted today.  It's not through unfiltered ports and
> > such as described in your original email, but through the email 
> > mechanism (or http) itself.  And while I don't have any hard numbers
> > at my desk to support the 99.9% claim, I don't believe it to be too
> > far off the mark.
> My machine at home receives some kind of port scan on average about 
> every three seconds. That's a lot higher rate than it receives spam.
> Am I the 0.1%?

Port scan != virus/malware
-johann koenig
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