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Back on Debian-user for a bit with some questions.  Quick vote of 
thanks for Debian which fuels my server and firewall in a home office 
set up.

Background: I want to use 802.11g networking at home, sadly it'll 
mainly be to connect in three Windoze machines, two XP, one W2k.  I 
want to run as safe an access point as possible off one of my linux 
machines, probably off the firewall for now but perhaps by adding a 
machine behind that it in the DMZ.  Three specific questions:
a) are there any 802.11g PCI cards that anyone can recommend?  
Priority for me is the most idiot proof installation. I'm not a total 
idiot but these days I have so little time for system administration 
etc. that I am always looking for something as near to: shut down; 
install hardware; reboot; run dselect to load a package or do simple 
installation of new driver(s), preferably without having to compile 
myself, but if I must ..., preferably without having to recompile 
kernel, but if I absolutely must ...; init what I need to; tweak 
network settings to accommodate; sit back and enjoy.  Don't suppose 
anyone can point to something as easy as possible and then reliable?  
I'd like to stay running stable with the 2.4.23 kernel if I can for 
now but ...

b) Can anyone point me to any Debian compatible howtos for wireless 
that aren't too out of date, googling isn't turning up much for me at 
the moment?

c) O'Reilly seem to have three books that might give me good basics 
(I do still find that reading books, even though they're always out 
of date by time you get them, is good for getting basics).  These 
Linux Unwired
802.11 Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide, and
802.11 Security

I'll get all three if I really need them but would appreciate advice 
from some people who've already used Debian to set up a home access 
point, preferably at 802.11g level and who have given security some 



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