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Re: Accept() returns invalid socket descript and no error.

dking@pimpsoft.com writes:

> I'm working on some socket code for a project I share with someone.
> The strange thing is that the accept() call returns '0' (zero) with 
> no error. This of course is a invalid socket descriptor,

No, this is of course a perfectly valid file (or socket) descriptor.
It is usually already open at program startup (and refers to standard
input), but if it is closed somewhere in the program, it may well be

> Either way this is a huge bug if it is not simply the dev teams own 
> ignorance that is the problem (and I highly doubt that it is), and if 
> it is a problem it should be looked into post haste.


If you want to claim that accept() is broken, despite the fact that it
works perfectly for literally millions of people, you need to provide
more evidence.  You also didn't explain why you think that the "huge
bug" is Debian specific.


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