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Re: [exim4debian] Re: Debian-exim - blech!

On Mon, 2004-09-20 at 19:47, Tim Kelley wrote:
> > So we shouldn't purge the mail queue and hints database? Since policy
> > requires a purged package to vanish without leaving any trace of its
> > installation, that would be a policy violation.
> Huh? There is no such policy. The policy defines "purge" as "removing
> everything in it's file list except conffiles", and since the
> package's file list could not possibly contain files created post
> installation, it cannot delete anything in the system mail directory.

purge _does_ remove conffiles as well as the whole filelist.  I think it
should also remove files created by the package for its own use, but not
anything else that might happen to be in the same directory, which Marc
seems to think it should do.

Of course, there are some packages which definitely should not remove
all files that they create, not, at least, without asking; editors and
databases, for example.
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