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Re: CD-RW CD's Download. Certification cfingerd cgi-scripts Changing back to dial up after cable w/ static IP Re: changing distributions changing IMP/Horde database in a production server changing partitions around charset issues Cheapbytes cheapbytes Re: Cheapbytes RE: cheapbytes checking whether a package is installed chroot ssh on debian cleaning /usr/doc vs /usr/share/doc Code Page 437 color in Emacs color printing common questions Re: common questions -- re-compilation Trouble compile question Compiling Galeon? Compiling Galeon 0.72 Compiling Galeon--SOLVED! compiling Pine in Debian 2.2 Compiling sound support for sblive compiling the hx hotline client?! Complete local mirror. Re: Compose key in X 4.0.1? Re: Compose key in X 4.0.1? [SOLVFED!] Config'ing new 3Com NIC CONFIG_KMOD in kernel Configuring Mouse in X configuring rc.firewall script in ip-up configuring the services Configuring two of same network card + keyboard not working in X console-apt Console based Word Processor Console display - font & line sizes Console MPEG video Console Problem Cool trick: gmc and Debs Re: Cool trick: gmc and Debs Copying a partition, was Re: ** Emegancy Request ** Corel Linux--your opinions pls Corel to Debian micro-howto cos() in math.h ? Couple of newbie questions C programming cron error -> @cmp: command not found crontab crontab and users? crontab think `root' is a command? crystal 4232 sound card module fail crystal soundcard module fail [ctrl]-[alt]-[del] => 'shutdown -h now' Re: current Redhat user evaluates Debian customizing Emacs20 custom nfs install Cyber Cafe with Linux Cyrus on Debian D Beckers ethernet drivers debain packages of KDE2 debbugs -- won't process bugs/respond to queries debconf: failed to initialize frontend: Slang Re: Debian 2.1 to Debian 2.2 upgrade. Debian 2.2 and security - SecurityPortal article Re: Debian 2.2 and security - SecurityPortal article] Debian 2.2 Potato install Debian 2.2 setup problem debian-cd problems? Re: [Debian]:Einbrecher? Debian in Academic and Public Organisations Debian ISO Debian Linux on Sun UltraSparc IIi debian on HP netserver 6000 debian on powerbook 5300cs re: Debian packages.. Re: [Debian]:Re: Fragen nach Neuinstallation Re: [Debian]:Re: grub fuer Anfaenger Debian Release RE: debian rocks debian shipped more secure in the future? Debian-specific HOWTOs? Re: [Debian]:Sprache Debian system Re: debian-user-digest Digest V100 #586 .debs for LeoCAD debugfs and superblock DEC 433 installation - SCSI and partitioning concerns Re: Dedication of the Debian 2.2 release Default file-permissions for home-dirs? default_remote_printer w/LPRNG delay in booting potato delay in booting potato, again *delete* a default gw route? Delete key not working as expected in emacs under X FW: Dell PowerEdge 2450 RAID dependency problem (gedit & gdk-imlib1 in woody) Depmod Error on installing ALSA modules depmod question desktop -dev dependencies when building debs from source? Device settings for sound configuration DHCP and Debian 2.2? DHCP boot time hanging. diald problems dialin, quick question Dialpad diamond homefree wireless cards Diamond Viper V550 Video Card Directory always defaults to /usr/bin dirver for OPTI82C93 sound card disk partition using fips Re: Disk performance when installing packages displaying binary files Distribution Download DNS conflicts telnet DNS problem docbook-stylesheet-doc problems doc-linux-pt domain survey data -- cool stats Don't know what this module is! Dosemu no longer finds modem Doubled mails / USENET gateway Do You want to earn $3000-$4000 or more per month? dpkg/dselect/deity user manual(s) ??? dpkg: error processing kdebase (--remove): dpkg: error processing netkit-inetd (--configure) DPT SmartRAID V Millennium isn't detected Dream Machine (sort of...) driver dselect after install Dselect file list generation dselect - packages being REMOVED dselect shows all packages to be removed? DSL and Debian questions DSL and Debian questions Round 2 dsp hangs in soundstudio Dual-Boot Win2K & Debian dual boot with lilo & Linux on slave drive Duplicating a file system / re: ** Emegancy Request ** dwww errors EARN MONEY! easy numlock question Easy potato installation alternative? Re: Easy potato installation alternative? - errata corrige egcs for potato Emacs and ISO-8859-1 characters emacs and screen emacs color emacs cursor color Emacs meta-key .emacs startup file Re: .emacs startup file SOLVED! e-mail errors ** Emegancy Request ** The last update was on 10:49 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 4351 messages. Page 2 of 9.

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