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Re: Cool trick: gmc and Debs

 Cuando: jue, 03 de ago de 2000, a las 10:51:54 -0700
 Quien: kmself@ix.netcom.com
 Que: Cool trick:  gmc and Debs

> The cool hat trick:  You can browse through the contents of a Deb
> package *.deb file) with gmc as if it were a locally mounted fileystem,
> without having to unarchive and untar all the constituent components.
> This is pretty damned sweet.  Thought I'd share.
> If you already knew this, laugh at me.  If you didn't -- well, now you
> do.

This must be my second or thir mail to the list, again sorry for my
poor english. Well, mc (or gmc) is really cool, but you can browse a
.deb file with "less":

add this to /etc/profile:  eval `/usr/bin/lesspipe` , source it, 
and then  less whateveryouwant.deb. Cool, isn't it? Works with .rpm,
.tar.gz, .zip too. 

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