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Re: disk partition using fips

Quoting SDI " Semiconductor Instruments\ (showe@cnn.it):

> So I duely ran noton and defragged, which put all the stuff in the first
> 10% of the disk.
> But, looking on the map , the last sector had hidden files on it.
> So I turned on visualization in Win 98ofhidden file types.and system
> files- a total of 7 megs !
> I realize that I can change all the file attributes somehow (I've yet to
> find the command under dos ), and then re-defrag , then re-attribute the
> files asa before.
> But it strikes me the more intelligent way to do things would be to
> discover from the fat or somehow else the ids of the files in the last
> sector.
> Is there no way of doing this ??
> How can you read the fat ?

When I did this for my first Debian system on a W95 computer,
I just used the ATTRIB *.* command to find the names of the files
that were RSH. Then I did ATTRIB -r -s -h FILENAME and copied
them, deleted the original, renamed the copy and put +r +s +h back.
(The copies landed just after the freshly defragged files.)

I think I checked that I hit the right files by just trying FIPS until
it didn't complain. There were very few of them.

BTW I had probably turned off any swapfile before I started. I would
imagine that moving an active swapfile would be very dangerous as this
is one case where absolute disk addresses are likely to be used.
(LILO's /boot is another.)


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