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disk partition using fips

I would dearly like to repartition a drive on my systemto give me
MORE spacefor linux.

So I duely ran noton and defragged, which put all the stuff in the first
10% of the disk.
But, looking on the map , the last sector had hidden files on it.
So I turned on visualization in Win 98ofhidden file types.and system
files- a total of 7 megs !

I realize that I can change all the file attributes somehow (I've yet to
find the command under dos ), and then re-defrag , then re-attribute the
files asa before.

But it strikes me the more intelligent way to do things would be to
discover from the fat or somehow else the ids of the files in the last

Is there no way of doing this ??
How can you read the fat ?

I figure with a bit of math I can work out how to read the darned thing.
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