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Re: Dselect file list generation

May be you should try with

apt-get -s dselect-upgrade.

This should list both the new packages to be installed from scratch and the ones that need to be upgraded (together with the promise of configuring all of them).



   I ran dselect on my home box last night and it wanted
   to download 70Mb of files. This is ok given that I've
   been using potato for a while without downloading.

   Can I ask dselect (or dpkg) to generate a file list of
   required files and then use that file list to
   download the 70Mb at work, where we're on a fast connection? 

   I can burn a cd at work and bring it home. Then I'll just 
   do dpkg -i on the .deb files on the CDROM.

   Doug Eck

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