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Re: crontab and users?

Hello Mike thanks for you responce,

Mike Werner wrote:
> One thing that you must be carefull of is to make absolutely sure that there
> is a line feed at the end of that line.  As an example:

This might have been it.  I did add some line feeds in the entry (always
using crontab -e) but that didn't work. So I fired it up again, erased
the existing entry, typed it again with a couple extra line feeds and
sure enough it worked.

> You do not have to be logged in to have a cron job run.  The crontab I
> inserted above works just fine if I'm not logged onto my box.

Yep, you're right again.  Somewhere I had gotten the impression that
users had to be logged in for their crontab stuff to work.  But I guess
that wouldn't be terribly useful.

Thanks for your help it's all working very well now,
David Bellows

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