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Re: Debian in Academic and Public Organisations

Whats the email address for the original poster? I *assume* he wants to be CCed.


I am the network admin at Avonside Girls' High School in Christchurch New Zealand. We currently run two NT servers for main file and print sharing and email based on Exchange.

In addition the firewall runs "bastard linux" - a severely secured distribution a couple of friends brewed up. Our CDROM server is slackware based, but will become debian as soom as I get time to do that. We have a couple of old 486 based debian print servers that do absolutely marvellously.

My favourite debian box is the one that replaced an ageing macintosh SE/30 running Macjanet. Its now a P120 running debian, netatalk, samba and webmin for a room of old Mac LCIIs. It can serve PCs as well as Macs now, and goes about 500 times faster.

Debian rocks.  No other word for it.

At 03:05 PM 8/6/00 -0500, you wrote:
We use debian all over this campus (routers, firewalls, mail servers, web
servers, samba servers, etc) and I know that they have at least one debian
box in the CS department.

Charles Lewis, Director of Adminstrative Computing
Southwestern Adventist University, Keene, TX 76059
(817) 556-4720 - phone     (360) 397-7952 - fax

> Folks,
> I am a Computer Science professor at American University in Washington
> D.C.
> I want  to recommend that we  replace Solaris in  our Computer Science
> department with  Debian.  In doing so,  I know that  we will encounter
> problems  wuite  specific to  the  public  (as  in non-profit,  public
> sector) and  academic nature  of the enterprise.   I want  to advocate
> Debian over  RedHat and  TurboLinux who are  trying to sell  into this
> market.
> Is there  anyone else out there  in this kind of  organisation, who is
> using Debian in  this kind of environment?  Contact  me and let's band
> together!
> Simon Read
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