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Re: Easy potato installation alternative?

>   I remember that someone once said in this list that installing Corel
>   and then upgrading wouldn't work well...
Mmmm, I think it depends on what you want to do.
When I bought my current Desktop, an Atlon 700, I couldn't install from 
the Slink CD, bucause the kernel with it (2.0.36) was too old. So I
installed from a Corel Network Edition I found on a magazine, then
removed ALL non-standard Debian packages (Corel KDE & File Manager etc...),
then completed the install from slink CD. 
A few weeks after, I was able to upgrade
to Potato over the Net ( about three hours at 56 Kb :-( ) .
It could be that I still have fragments of Corel here and there. OTHA, I got
a nice boot manager ( Anybody knows if it is possible to change the initial
 splash screen ?  I think the file is /boot/splash.lilo, but in which formatù
 it is ? ). 

Of course, if I had wanted to keep some of the Corel special packages with
Potato, I would have been disappointed.

Again, it depends. Not sure if the saved download time is worthing the
extra configuration hassle, though.


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