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Re: Cool trick: gmc and Debs

Paul Seelig wrote:
> kmself@ix.netcom.com writes:
> > And that GNU Midnight Commander (aka mc
> > aka gmc) had a similar functionality.  This is a tool which, as I
> > understand, was adapted from Novell's "Midnight Commander" file browsing
> > utility.
> >
> It escapes me why you seem to be associating the GNU MC with Novell?
> GNU MC, which i know and use since some five years, IMHO never had any
> relations with Novell.  It's look and feel were based on the "Norton
> Commander" of DOS fame, but has surpassed it in functionality since
> years now.
> > It's a file manager on steroids, as a console tool.
> >
> The "Midnight Commander" console version for me is the most
> imprescindible tool on any *NIX.  The GNOME offspring is a far cry
> from it regarding functionality.  The console MC can be considered the
> "Swiss Linux Army Chainsaw". ;-)

	gmc is on the way out anyway, the console version will continue on
though.  For GNOME, Eazel's "Nautilus" file manager will replace gmc. 
I thought from the beginning that trying to make mc into a graphical
file manager while simultaneously continuing with the console version
was a mistake.  For one thing, it has led to a fork in (console) mc
development, something which I hope is temporary.

"It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong." - Voltaire

Ed C.

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