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RE: Debian Linux on Sun UltraSparc IIi

hi again

... it looks to me like the SPARC is trying to boot from the network, as
Christopher said, hit Stop+A or Ctrl+Break to get yourself a prompt. On the
Sparc here, I have to type "n" for new command mode", and then "boot /fd" to
boot from the floppy ...


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>>>>> "WY" == Wilson Yau <wilson@coms.com> writes:

   >> Where did you fail in the boot process? ie. did the Sun access the
   >> and spit out an error message, or did it simply say something like
   >> find boot image" off the HDD?

   WY> When the system started booting, I saw it soughting the floopy drive
   WY> the green light was on and off several times.

   WY> Shortly after displaying the system information like:

   WY> SPARCengine(tm) Ultra CP1400 (UltraSparc-IIi 303MHz) OpenBoot 3.10.9
   WY> with 192MB RAM.....

   WY> Got this message:

   WY> 	Drive not ready
   WY> 	Boot device: net  File and args:


try changing the boot device. Type STOP + a, then "boot floppy".

Greetings, Christoph

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