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Re: displaying binary files

On Fri, Aug 04, 2000 at 10:46:31PM +0000, john smith wrote:

> 1. if the console is "trashed" already with displaying binary..is there a 
> way to make it recover w/o rebooting? logging out of the console doesn't 
> seem to work.

try typing 'reset' + Enter on the fsckd console. (there was a thread about a
week ago on this, maybe you want to check it, nice info on it).

> 2. how do I make debian ask/warn first before displaying a binary file?

hmmm... this is the default, at least for less (at least in the 30+ boxes i
have to use around here...). maybe check the man page for any config
options? or are you using cat? cat does not warn here, and fscks up the

hope it helps,


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