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Re: DHCP and Debian 2.2?

You should have a package called dhcp-client.

how well does your laptop work with dhcp ? i tried with multiple dell
laptops (Xircom 10/100 pcmcia) and had major problems (with debian,
slackware and mandrake) trying to get an ip on boot..seems we could get
one after the machine was warmed up for 5-10 mins but it never could
during boot(and yes dhcp was loaded after the pcmcia/ethernet stuff)
assigning an ip manually at boot worked fine ..


"Bryan K. Walton" wrote:
> Greetings!
>         Quick question: For the longest time, I was running Debian 2.1 in
> a network environment where my laptop computer obtained an IP address via
> DHCP.  I had the dhcpcd .deb file installed which obtained the IP address
> for me.  Last Friday I installed Debian 2.2 from the official CDs.  The
> installation was smooth.  My questions is this: how am I getting an IP
> address via DHCP?  From what I can tell, the dhcpcd .deb is not installed,
> nor is the bootpc .deb.  Can someone tell me what program is working the
> DHCP process for me?
> Thanks,
> Bryan
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