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DNS problem

Hi, (I'm sorry for the long email, but since I've to tell situation)

I've registered a domain name "impko.com" at Network Solutions.  But
since I haven't setup my DNS server and running properly, I parked it to
Network solutions for the time being.  I want to host the domain for my
LAN, which consists of a Linux box (24.123.456.789) running www, mail,
news, ftp for public access and the internal LAN (192.168.1.x).  Last
night, I configured a primary DNS server for "impko.com", but I think I
missed the reverse-IP lookup settings.

Since I've only 1 external IP, i.e. 24.123.456.789, I named my Linux box
serv1.impko.com and then www, mail, news, ftp, ns1 are all CNAME to it. 
And I got it working on my internal LAN, but I don't have a secondary.

Here are my problems and questions:
1. I tried to unpark the domain from Network Solutions and it required
   2 hostnames of the DNS server for the domain.  So I provided them 
   the official hostname (cr123456-a.ym1.on.wave.home.com) for the
   primary DNS, and for the secondary DNS, I typed in the primary DNS 
   server hostname from my ISP since don't have another IP for the 
   secondary.  However it returned "Host name invalid" for both of my 
   entries.  It said the hostname must host the domain, but I already 
   configured my own DNS.

2. Can I do it this way, my own DNS server for the primary entry and 
   the primary DNS from ISP for the secondary?

3. Since there is no DNS server on earth (except the one I host) 
   can resolve "ns1.impko.com", how can I use this DNS entry?

4. How can I restrict the resolve of the hostname, 
	e.g. mydesktop.impko.com
   of my internal LAN for only internal use, i.e. not for public?
   But I still have to resolve the www, mail, etc. however they're
   in different network, 24.123.456.789 and 192.168.1.x

5. Can I setup both the primary and secondary DNS server on the same
   box using the same IP?

6. I use "linuxconf" to configure the DNS, when I add the domain to 
   the DNS, there's a field named "Main Server" (the 2nd field), what
   should I typed in it if this is my primary DNS for the domain?

7. After I successfully host my domain, is there anything I've to 
   inform my ISP to update?

I know there are too many questions, sorry.  Hope you could help me on
my questions, thank you.

Best Regards,

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