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Re: Corel Linux--your opinions pls

I think it's fine.

My 1-month-old system came with CorelOS preinstalled.  I used it for a
week until I changed it to "pure" debian [1].  It seemed to me a
debian system, with a little GUI gloss added on top of it.  E.g., iirc, it
had a GUI package manager that had much of the same functionality as
dselect.  Really, it was more debian than anything else.  You can use
apt-*, dpkg, et al, and just enjoy/ignore the gloss.  Or you can use the
gloss, and don't have to learn apt-*, dpkg, etc  (though you do lose a
little flexibility).  And everything is fairly well documented.

One gripe: my particular instance of CorelOS was missing a lot of packages
hackers are used to, both on the harddrive and the distro CD.  E.g., I was
HORRIFIED to learn that no flavor of emacs was present :) [2]

enjoy the day -- Aaron

[1] Do this by uninstalling all the packages with the string "corel" in
them; edit sources.list; then do apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade. 
Very easy.  If anyone wants detailed instructions for doing this, ask me. 

[2] This can be fixed.  The Debian package management system makes
installing packages over the net fairly easy, though sometimes
complications come up. E.g., to install emacs v. 20, you'd connect to the
net, and type "apt-get install emacs20".  If the config files for apt-get
are set up correctly, it should download, install and set up emacs

On Sat, 5 Aug 2000, Jeff Roediger wrote:

> Hi all
>     Any one have an opinion, good or bad, re: Corel Linux?
> I have just obtained a copy and don't know much about it. I have been
> using freeBSD and Slack for a desktop only box.
>      It appears to be targeted at people like me, who only have one
> system as a desktop unit.
> TIA,
> Jeff
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