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Re: Cool trick: gmc and Debs

kmself@ix.netcom.com wrote:
> Color me clueless, but I just found something way cool.  I guess I
> *should* have spent more time with Novell.
> The cool hat trick:  You can browse through the contents of a Deb
> package *.deb file) with gmc as if it were a locally mounted fileystem,
> without having to unarchive and untar all the constituent components.

You can also browse tarballs, gzips, bzips, gzipped tarballs, bzipped
tarballs, and zips as well, providing that the attendant gzip, bzip, tar,
and zip programs are all installed.  Select the archive in question, and you
can either:
Hit F3 to view a listing of the files contained in the archive
Hit Enter to browse the archive as if it were a directory

Altogether a most usefull little program.
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