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Cool trick: gmc and Debs

Color me clueless, but I just found something way cool.  I guess I
*should* have spent more time with Novell.

Last night's SVLUG presentation featured a couple of guys from Eazel
showing off a number of Nautalis features, including the ability to
browse RPMs as if they were a mounted filesystem.  Pretty slick.
Talking to folks, I understood that this was supported through the GVFS
-- Gnome Virtual Filesystem.  And that GNU Midnight Commander (aka mc
aka gmc) had a similar functionality.  This is a tool which, as I
understand, was adapted from Novell's "Midnight Commander" file browsing
utility.  It's a file manager on steroids, as a console tool.

My question to the Eazel folks was whether or not Deb browsing was also

The cool hat trick:  You can browse through the contents of a Deb
package *.deb file) with gmc as if it were a locally mounted fileystem,
without having to unarchive and untar all the constituent components.

This is pretty damned sweet.  Thought I'd share.

If you already knew this, laugh at me.  If you didn't -- well, now you

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