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Re: emacs color

I may have solved this problem, sorta: I rebooted back into my old
2.2.16 kernel and everything works fine. I must have not included some
module in 2.2.17. ..hmmm.. wonder which one?

Dale L . Morris (dlm@well.com) wrote:
> When I upgraded to 2.2.17 I got a message that nvi had saved the file
> .Xresources and it could be recovered with the -r switch. Which I did,
> problem being that it wiped out the old config for emacs:
> emacs*background:DarkSlateGray 
> emacs*foreground:Wheat
> emacs*cursorColor: orangered
> Now when I try to start emacs I get an error: 'undefined color
> DarkSlateGray'
> What do I do to fix this?
> thanks
> "Know thyself.."


"Know thyself.."

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