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Re: Distribution Download

<romeu@petrobras.com.br> writes:
> I want to download the entire distribution of linux from ftp.debian.org.
> What (windows) program should I use for this purpose? I mean, I want to
> select the directory ftp.debian.org/debian and download it all with just
> one click. I tried CuteFtp, but it does not deal good with proxies
> authentication (oh, I'm at work, so I'm using Windows, behind a firewall).

Are you sure that's what you want to do? All the debian distributions,
including slink, potato and woody? All the versions for each of those
distributions, eg., 386, DEC Alpha, Sun Sparc, m68k, powerpc, ARM? You
have a LOT of disk space? 

I keep a local mirror of potato for just the 386 version and that's
about 2GB. Using this for a VERY rough estimate of the space
requirements for the entire debian archive would come out to about:

	2G * 6 (binary versions) * 3 (distributions) = 36G

Again, that's a rough estimate. Slink has fewer binary versions and
less software, and there's some software that's available for all the
binary versions and just linked from the binary-specific directories
to binary-all, but I'd think 36G would be a good upper bound.


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