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Re: *delete* a default gw route?

Quoting kmself@ix.netcom.com (kmself@ix.netcom.com):
> I'm testing a firewall setup on my home system.  Principle network
> connection is the internal modem of my desktop.  I'm trying to route
> through my firewall box instead.
> While I can set up the network and add a default gw through the
> firewall, I don't seem to be able to remove the default entry
> corresponding to the ppp connection from my desktop.  "route delete
> default gw <dialup-fqdn>" just hangs.
> Am I doing the right thing?  Is this necessary?  Ideally, I'd like to
> have the FW be the primary gateway, but use the second modem connection
> on an ad-hoc basis.  I assume I'll need to do some sort of serial
> balancing or juggle with metrics to do this....

It shouldn't be necessary to remove a default ppp0 route if there's
already a default route when you start it: PPP shouldn't change the
default in this case ("not replacing existing default route to %s [%I]").

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