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Re: Easy potato installation alternative?

>   a friend just asked me where to find a Debian installation CD. She
>   probably won't care if potato hasn't the label "stable" yet (and we
>   were told to upgrade from slink to potato anyway)... So I'd like to
>   know if there's some easy way to install potato without having to
>   download hundreds of Megabytes...
>   I remember that someone once said in this list that installing Corel
>   and then upgrading wouldn't work well...

not at all

>   What about Storm? Would it work? (Install it, and then point
>   sources.list to debian.org and upgrade?)

I have my doubts...

>   I think I can find some unofficial potato CDs at some store
>   here... But I'm not sure if these are a good choice.

If you can find someone selling the test cycle 3 images found at
ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian-cd/ then that might work.  it should be clearly
labeled as such, I would think.  test cycle 3 is basically exactly what
stable will be unless some really horrible thing happens or something.

Jared Johnson

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