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[no subject] 'Admin Provides' Meta package - [lib troubles]was[linux software?] (Possible) menu code rewrite *term -ls, a summary /root has 755 after installation? /usr/share/guile/g-wrapped/ /var seperate partition? 5 mjeseci, puno? 500元企业自助建站debian-devel 500元企业自助建站特惠套餐debian-devel 水泵,pump Car Crashes and Videos, guckt euch die Unfälle an! Re: [2002-07-07] Release Status Update [ Re: Why not the Simpsons? (was: Re: Woody++)] [Announce] Debian Vpopmail packages [ANNOUNCE] GNUTLS support in ELinks/links-ssl ([FIXED] Re: openssl copyright) Re: [Evms-devel] [ANNOUNCE] EVMS Release 1.1.0-pre4 [Fwd: ITP: imapfilter - filter mail in your imap account] [Fwd: ITP: limewire - a Java based gnutella servent] [fyi] new version of links, elinks and links2 [ Re: Woody retrospective and Sarge introspective] [ icqv7-t_0.3.0pre2-1_i386.changes is NEW] [OT] Norsk nb/nn (was: Wishlist for woody+1) Re: [TLUG]: 'Admin Provides' Meta package - [lib troubles]was[linux software?] [VAC] July 10-17. [WARNING] Some notes on the upcoming glibc to unstable Re: Abusing FAI: standalone auto-installation Re: Accepted apt-build 0.5-3 (all source) Re: Accepted dpkg 1.10 (i386 source all) Re: Accepted goo 0.140-3 (i386 source) Re: Accepted libgnomeui 2.0.1-3 (i386 all source) Re: Accepted python-orbit 0.3.1-6 (i386 source all) Re: Accepted sdl-image1.2 1.2.2-1 (i386 source) Re: Accepted tinyproxy 1.4.3-2woody1 (i386 source) add deb package adding a new package to your distribution? adopt openwebmail ANN: apt-want Announcing Antigen found =*.bat file Antigen found HTML.MimeExploit.Klez (CA(Vet)) virus apologies and summary. was: Where is Debian going? Re: apt and pin (?) apt-build, apt-src, etc apt-get -u not printing held back pkgs ascertaining reasons for woody package removal asking a favor from anyone in germany ASSISTANCE Backing up a Debian system base-files and /dev - Your Online Auction House The best recommendation for allowing "su" in X BTS Question Re: Bug in buildd for all except ix86 and sparc? Re: Bug#138160: marked as done (e2fsprogs: Please apply EA/ACL patch) Re: Bug#140635: ftp-ssl should "Provides: ftp-client" Bug#141971: taking over elm-me+ Bug#150555: general: Packages.gz should have international versions Bug#150966: g++: apt-get install g++ fails and suggests I submit a bug report Re: Bug#151305: Needs to restart cron (and probably others) on upgrade Bug#151608: ITP: gsubedit -- GTK Subtitle Editor Bug#151793: [ITP]: gantt -- cgi-based gantt-chart generator Bug#151795: [ITP]: libapache-mod-pubcookie -- kerberos auth for web pages Bug#151808: ITP: opencm -- A secure configuration management system Bug#151825: ITP: midgard -- Open Source Application Server Bug#151842: ITP: syscalltrack -- track system calls across the Linux system Bug#151866: ITP: apt-build -- Frontend to apt to build, optimize and install packages Bug#151891: ITP: k3b -- a GUI frontend to the cd recording programs cdrdao and cdrecord. Bug#151912: ITP: grsparse -- grsecurity snort parser Bug#151928: ITP: libipc-run-perl -- Perl module for running processes Bug#151951: ITP: libxml-sax-machines-perl -- Perl modules for managing collections of SAX processors Bug#151970: ITP: cl-statistics -- Statistics Package for Common Lisp Bug#152036: ITP: mls -- MLS: MailListStat - a text mode program to display MBOX statistics Bug#152050: ITP: orgadoc -- A tool to organize your documents Bug#152053: ITP: dancer -- A powerful (Ro)bot for Internet Relay Chat networks Bug#152083: ITP: dvbtune -- Simple tuner app. for DVB cards Bug#152084: ITP: dvbstream -- Stream a DVB (video) stream over a LAN Bug#152086: ITP: fortunes-ga -- Fortunes database for Irish (gaeilge) language Bug#152134: ITP: facturalux -- ERP/CRM software for Linux Bug#152193: ITP: golem -- Golem is an X11 Window Manager. Bug#152194: ITP: golem -- Golem is an X11 Window Manager. Bug#152199: ITP: cwi-xt -- Bundle of CWI tools Bug#152249: ITP: mcplay -- Is a C-clone of the excellent program 'cplay', frontend of many players. Re: Bug#152267: Debconf-Help: Bug#152267: med-common: Fails to preconfigure Bug#152304: ITP: libqssl -- SSL wrapper library for qt applications Bug#152305: ITP: libdbi-ruby -- Database Independent Interface for Ruby The last update was on 07:01 GMT Sun Apr 22. There are 2190 messages. Page 1 of 5.

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