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Re: base-files and /dev

On Wed, 24 Jul 2002 12:23, Santiago Vila wrote:
> > > I guess your script is already doing exceptions for /usr and /var and
> > > so on (or are those owned by the last package installed). So you should
> > > just add another exception and not register /etc with the base-files
> > > domain.
> >
> > No, they are not exceptions, they are regular directories.  Unlike
> > /dev which on a devfs system is a mount point for a different file
> > system which is quite different from others.  For example try
> > creating a regular file under /dev on a devfs system.
> Actually, I tried that a long time ago, indirectly: /dev/pts was added
> to base-files in 2.1.18, and removed in 2.1.20 because of problems
> with devfs :-) No other incompatibility problems have been reported
> between base-files and devfs since then. I think the problem here is
> that you consider the /dev directory itself as a file when it's not.

I don't consider /dev to be a file.  It's just that on a devfs system with 
the default configuration the /dev directory on the root file system will at 
all times be obscured by the devfs file system that is mounted on top of it.  
Therefore it's best that you not try to do things with /dev unless you check 
for the presense of a mounted devfs first.

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