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Re: Abusing FAI: standalone auto-installation

* Marc SCHAEFER <alphanet-linux-fai@alphanet.ch> wrote:

| I objected that I didn't see the use of debconf, and that I would prefer
| defaults to be taken from debconf in this case instead of setting to an
| empty string. I was replied that debconf is no registry, and that I
| can't expect anything when prefilling debconf.

I see no reason why a package which is freshly installed (that is, has
_no_ config files on the system) should clear the answers beforehand.
So, if you prefill debconf, it should just work.

The action sequence is something like:

config script:
- read in old values, if the config file exists.  put those into
- ask questions using debconf

- write config file.

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