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Re: (Possible) menu code rewrite

On Jul 16, Erich Schubert wrote:
> Very important stuff the menu system needs:
> - more detailed categories. too flat hierarchy. "Net" is much too full.
>   "Tools" doesn't fit on my 1600x1200 screen...
>   graphics & viewers...

Well, we need some hints standardization, or to actually fix the

> - internationalization / localization. we do NEED translation here.
> - support for UTF-8

No argument there, though I think this needs a new file format (see below).

> - support for apps being in multiple places (like in "Office" and in
>   "Editors").

No problem - just make two entries, one in Office and one in Editors.

> - privilege flags (like root only, needs audio...)

Probably can't be done without adopting a new file format, for
backward compatibility.

> ... and probably much much more.

Undoubtably; however, that entails futzing with the menu policy, which
is *not* where I want to go right away with this.

> Actually compatibility isn't too much an issue: it just needs to be
> able to parse the old files as well; the new ones IMHO could be a
> completely new format. Probably more gnome .desktop or kde .kdelnk(?)
> like.

Well, compat is two issues:

- Compat with existing menu entries.  Fine, no problem.

- Compat with the (IMHO) horribly borked install-menu code.

Again, a new menu format (IIRC both Gnome and KDE menu files have the
same format, just different names) isn't a bad idea - but beyond the
scope of what I'm doing now, and more likely to tread on toes.  But,
if we are going to use a new format for the files, I agree that going
to the KDE/Gnome file format probably is a good idea, while retaining
our separate menu structure.  (The .desktop files I have around look
like they are in UTF-8...)

But for now I'll settle for a menu that doesn't segfault when I enable
hints on PowerPC :-)

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