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Re: [hertzog@debian.org: Re: Woody retrospective and Sarge introspective]

Le Tue, Jul 30, 2002 at 10:25:19PM +0100, James Troup écrivait:
> > Yes, we'd need more autobuilders (or reconfiguring the one we have),
> > we did it for the security team, we can do it for "candidate".
> *giggle* 'we'?  Is that the royal we or were you working on the
> security/buildd infrastructure while I didn't notice?  If it's not the

I said "we" speaking of Debian because I'm part of Debian. I never
implied anything about the work of setting up security/buildd
infrastructure. You're a bit too much paranoid here ... :-)

> latter, you might want to be a little less free with your assertions
> about what is and isn't going to happen with the autobuilders...

"We'd" == we would => implicit "if we (Debian as a whole) decide it"

> *giggle* (again); let's see, the security team seem to have
> jack-the-groove interest in supporting testing, never mind
> unstable... so what makes you think they're going to jump to support
> yet another distribution?

Matt Zimmerman is certainly interested by unstable, because that's what
he has been appointed for. Concerning "candidate" I really have no big
problems if the security team doesn't want to take care of it. Someone
else will do it ... as soon as fixes are publicly available. Much like
it's already happening for unstable which is mostly handled by the
maintainers themselves.

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