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Re: [OT] Norsk nb/nn (was: Wishlist for woody+1)

On Wed, Jul 03, 2002 at 03:29:42PM +0200, Radovan Garabik wrote:
> > 
> > The difference between them, is that like the difference between written
> > literary English and colloquial spoken English, or more like the difference
> > between traditional Chinese and simplified mainland Chinese (both written) ?
> Not speaking a word of Norwegian, I can confidently <g> say that the
> difference between bokmål and nynorsk is comparable to
> the difference between Slovak and Czech. Bigger than the difference
> between Croatian and Serbian.

Funny.  Makes you wonder why the nation never splintered, if the difference
is that big.

> see, when bokmål was <duck, run> indistinguishable from written Danish, they 
> _had to_ create a different written form of the language :-)

Ah yes..ahem..I guess that answers the question I just raised... ;)

Thanks for the information :)


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