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Re: *term -ls, a summary

On Wed, 17 Jul 2002, Clint Adams wrote:

> > I don't think it a "subjective definition of buggy" behaviour when a
> > program is invoked for a special purpose and the main configuration file
> > designed for that purpose isn't read.
> Either your shell is buggy or it's lying to you, if that's the case.

Neither nor.  Bash works as documented, sourcing /etc/profile etc only
when it is invoked as a login shell.

> If I get a login shell every time I open an xterm, I will be seriously
> pissed off.

Why?  Opening an xterm for interacting directly with a shell is IMHO
functionally the same as opening an VC.  And I am really pissed off if
I don't get a login shell and the profiles aren't sourced.  It's different
of course if you open the xterm to run a program which is not a shell.

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