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Re: *term -ls, a summary

On Fri, 19 Jul 2002, Richard Kettlewell wrote:

> Manfred Wassmann <debian-devel@NCC-1701.B.Shuttle.de> writes:
> > Why?  Opening an xterm for interacting directly with a shell is IMHO
> > functionally the same as opening an VC.  And I am really pissed off
> > if I don't get a login shell and the profiles aren't sourced.  It's
> > different of course if you open the xterm to run a program which is
> > not a shell.
> It's different in that it inherits from the X session, which a vc
> or ssh login does not.

But the X session does not (and cannot) incorporate settings for any of
all the shells.  I might even run different shells needing conflicting

> It's not hard to configure one's window manager to call 'xterm -ls',
> or equivalent, and this is what I've done for myself.  This seems
> greatly preferable to getting "really pissed off" or arguing about the
> default.

There are a dozen window managers at least and you have to learn to
configure each of it to fix the broken standard behaviour.  Furthermore I
found two distinct places already where I can specify how an xterm should
be invoked in the gnome control center, none of which had the desired
effect.  This has been an issue since preconfigured menues appeared in
Debian and should be solved at last.  Arguing about defaults is the right
thing to do here IMHO.

As a workaround I have now ITP'ed x-terminal-wrapper, a program which can
be registered as x-terminal-emulator alternative (Bug#153578).

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