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Re: (Possible) menu code rewrite

On Wed, 2002-07-17 at 14:44, Ben Armstrong wrote:

> What is wrong with having a Unix group 'admin' and only
> show menu items if the user belongs to group admin?  If the overhead of
> maintaining members of an admin group is something that a sys admin doesn't
> want to bother with, the sys admin could simply decide (via some option
> in /etc/menu-methods/menu.config perhaps) that all users on the system
> should see all admin menu entries.  Or if a particular user doesn't want to
> pester the admin to add them to group admin, yet does have root access
> somehow, then the same config variable should be settable under ~/.menu/

Hmmm. As I find it dangerous to log into X as root, I'd need to set up
my user as a member of some 'admin' group, or I won't see the relevant
entries in the menu structure. Bad, imho, as this is something a average
new user won't do. (Or it would need an additional question at
installation, like 'who is administrating this computer?', which would
confuse new users (does this create special privileges for this admin
user????). So I'd at least want to have the current behaviour as default
(all users see all commands), perhaps with the ability to switch this
new feature on.

(No, I am not supporting the 'if user X can execute command Y with the
required user Z' feature - you're right saying it's too complex).

-- vbi

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