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Bug#152451: ITP: away -- A terminal locking program Bug#152506: ITP: afd -- Automatic File Distributor Bug#152528: ITP: ekg -- open source gadu gadu client for UNIX systems Re: Bug#152631: ITP: grokking-the-gimp -- Grokking the GIMP is the online version of Carey Bunks' GIMP tutorial book. Bug#152631: ITP: grokking-the-gimp -- Grokking the GIMP is the online version of Carey Bunks' GIMP tutorial book. Bug#152642: ITP: dresden-ocl -- Dresden OCL (Object Constraint Language) Java Toolkit Bug#152648: ITP: libdtdparser-java -- Java DTD parser library Bug#152649: ITP: libnsuml-java -- Novosoft UML (Unified Modeling Language) library Re: Bug#152667: ITP: picalib -- Set of PICA helper scripts and configuration files Bug#152667: ITP: picalib -- Set of PICA helper scripts and configuration files Bug#152672: ITP: cltl2 -- Common Lisp the Language 2 Book by Guy Steele Bug#152744: ITP: onlisp -- Paul Graham's Book titled On Lisp Bug#152815: ITP: mailrunner -- Trivial script for sending and receiving mail to another machine. Re: Bug#152822: cryptcat_0.0.950915-4(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: busted diff? Bug#152852: ITP: ibam -- IBAM is an advanced battery monitor for laptops Bug#152877: ITP: tenmado -- hard-core shoot 'em up game in blue-or-red world Bug#152917: ITP: libtifiles0: Texas Instruments calculators file formats library Re: Bug#152934: ITP: fetchpop -- Mail client to retrieve messages from a POP3 server Bug#152934: ITP: fetchpop -- Mail client to retrieve messages from a POP3 server Bug#153006: ITP: eccp109 -- internet distributed effort to solve Certicom's ECCp-109 challenge. Bug#153030: general: Libraries contain no symbols Bug#153030: marked as done (general: Libraries contain no symbols) Bug#153079: ITP: tzc -- trivial zephyr client Bug#153080: ITP: tuxtime -- A client for submitting uptimes to the TuxTime project Bug#153116: ITP: apt-rdepends -- Recursively lists package dependencies Bug#153117: ITP: fragrouter -- Test a NIDS by attempting to evade using fragmented packets Bug#153125: ITP: lispworks-installer -- Installs Xanalys' Lispworks Common Lisp system Bug#153137: ITP: libcgi-untaint-perl -- Process CGI input parameters Bug#153139: ITP: libcgi-validate-perl -- Advanced CGI form parser and type validation Bug#153146: ITP: libexporter-lite-perl -- Lightweight subset of Exporter Bug#153149: ITP: libuniversal-exports-perl -- Lightweight, universal exporting of variables Bug#153150: ITP: libconfig-general-perl -- Generic Config Module Bug#153160: ITP: gtkspell -- a spell-checking addon for GTK's TextView widget Bug#153190: ITP: bitlbee -- An IRC to other chat networks gateway Bug#153205: ITP: python-orbit2 -- Python bindings for ORBit 2 Bug#153208: wnpp: ITP: sdcc -- Small Device C Compiler - CVS version Re: Bug#153406: newbiedoc: odd doc-base location Bug#153466: [ITP]: totd -- small DNS proxy that supports IPv6/IPv4 record translation Bug#153522: RFP: libconnect -- A library wrapper that offers transparent network access through Web proxies Bug#153529: general: errors when running apt-get Bug#153581: dbs: documentation: how to use dbs Bug#153629: ITP: minc -- Suite of tools and libraries for manipulating N-dimensional medical images. Bug#153650: Info received (was Bug#153650: ITP: transcode -- Video Stream Processing Tool) Bug#153650: ITP: transcode -- Video Stream Processing Tool Bug#153657: ITP: dnotify -- execute a command when the contents of a directory change Bug#153701: ITP: webcdwriter -- webcdwriter can be used to make a single cd-writer available to users in your network Bug#153731: ITP: libfilesys-diskfree-perl -- Perl interface to df Bug#153732: ITP: libnet-ping-external-perl -- Provide an interface to the system ping command. Bug#153740: ITP: libvte2 -- Terminal emulator widget for GTK+ 2.0 Bug#153781: ITP: vcheck -- latest program version checker and auto-downloader Fw: Bug#153813: frozen-bubble: Won't start, libpng error: Incompatible libpng version in application and library Bug#153883: ITP: htun -- A tool to create a bidirectional IP VPN over an HTTP proxy Bug#153894: ITP: postman -- High performace web based IMAP and NNTP client Bug#153907: ITP: led-applet -- a keyboard LED applet for the GNOME2 panel Bug#153977: O: xinetd -- An inetd replacement with interesting extra functionality Bug#153996: ITP: exif -- command-line utility to show EXIF information in JPEG files Bug#154028: ITP: ltp -- Linux Test Project - stress testing the Linux kernel Bug#154049: ITP: gdl -- Gnome Devtool Libraries Bug#154050: ITP: speyes -- Dockapp that shows a random southpark character xeyes style Bug#154152: ITP: galan -- modular synthesiser, drum-machine, sequencer, and effects-unit Bug#154281: ITP: libdvdcss -- Library to read scrambled DVDs Bug#154294: [ITP]: amavis-ng -- AMaViS - "Next Generation" Bug#154311: ITP: imagefs -- A tool to create and write FAT12 images. Bug#154333: ITP: wcd -- Wherever Change Directory Bug#154334: [ITP]: libmail-listdetector-perl -- Perl package used to auto-sort mailing lists Bug#154337: [ITP]: pglogd -- Stuff apache Logs in a Postgres Database Bug#154339: [ITP]: axkit-xsp-perform -- PerForm XSP Taglib for AxKit Bug#154340: [ITP]: axkit-xsp-param -- Param module for AxKit Bug#154341: [ITP]: axkit-xsp-webutils -- WebUtils modules for AxKit Re: Bug#154342: [ITP]: blogger-el -- Emacs package for weblog posting via BloggerAPI Bug#154342: [ITP]: blogger-el -- Emacs package for weblog posting via BloggerAPI Bug#154344: [ITP]: xml-rpc-el -- Emacs package that implements XML-RPC protocol Bug#154351: ITP: kernel-patch-nfs-ngroups -- client-side bypass of ngroups limitation (16) in NFS/RPC protocol Bug#154389: ITP: kmencoder -- KDE frontend for Mencoder Bug#154425: ITP: libdbd-informix-perl -- Perl DBI driver for Informix Bug#154455: [ITP]: libapache-requestnotes-perl -- Pass form and cookie data around in pnotes Bug#154457: [ITP]: axkit-xsp-session -- Session taglib for AxKit Bug#154478: ITP: amsn -- An MSN messenger written in tcl Bug#154626: ITP: renameutils -- A set of programs to make renaming of multiple files easier. Bug#154634: ITP: muttrc-el -- (X)Emacs mode for editing muttrc Bug#154651: ITP: libapache-mod-gunzip -- Allows you keep static content gziped Bug#154653: ITP: libapache-mod-bunzip2 -- Allows you keep static content compressed with bzip2 Bug#154661: ITP: dovecot -- A Secure IMAP server Bug#154662: ITP: docbook-ide -- An Emacs major mode for editing DocBook documents Bug#154675: ITP: passwdgen -- passwdGen is a utility for generating random passwords. Re: Bug#154680: libsdl-mixer1.2 doesnt work with latest vorbis (1.0.0) Re: Bug#154714: not declared dependency on libvorbisfile Bug#154795: ITP: webcheck -- WWW site link checker (linbot replacement) Bug#154814: ITP: jlint -- A lint like program for Java. Bug#154817: general: bugs should not be closed by uploads to experimental Bug#154866: ITP: kalcatel -- KDE application to manage Alcatel 50x and 70x phone Bug#154906: [RFA]: simulpic -- a Microchip PIC simulator Bug#154949: ITP: libapache2-mod-macro -- Allows the definition and use of macros within apache config files Bug#154969: /etc/init.d/bootmisc wipes new quota-format-files Bug#154969: etc/init.d/bootmisc wipes new quota-format-files Re: Bug#154974: ITP: pt -- GTK+ tool for viewing/managing print jobs in CUPS Bug#154974: ITP: pt -- GTK+ tool for viewing/managing print jobs in CUPS Bug#155032: ITP: tcpreen -- Simple TCP re-engineering tool Bug#155035: ITP: memtester -- A utility for testing the memory subsystem Bug#49962: marked as done (automatic man-db upgrade if there are packages with manpages in /usr/share/man) Bug#85612: ITP mixmaster - type II remailer bugs concerning shared config files? build problems on sarti call me Change Passwd Via Telnet through a Perl WWW Script Changes to /etc/profile Christian Marillat, once again closing/reassigning gimp 1.0 bugs: done Re: command -v in postinsts violating policy confidential/urgent Congratulations Congratulations... debian 3.0 Content rejected. could someone adopt the gambc (scheme) package from potato and put it into woody/unstable data section: any movement forward? DebConf 2 post-mortem Re: DebConf 2 post-mortem: lessions for Debian Mini-Conf Debconf i18n Debconf preloading, standard method? Debconf-Help: Bug#152267: med-common: Fails to preconfigure Debhelperizing debian/patches Re: Debian (would like) to do list debian 3.0 relased with old timezone data Debian 3.0r1 Debian archives Debian developers sponsorship Debian Food(TM) (Re: export food products) Debian miniconf @ (was: Re: [2002-07-07] Release Status Update) Re: Debian miniconf @ (was: Re: [2002-07-07] Release Status Update) Re: Debian on Cobalt Qube December 30th, 1899? Definite menu code rewrite Definite menu code rewrite (update - Jul 23) dhcp3-server postinst Re: dir permissions dpkg-source v2 The last update was on 09:18 GMT Sun Aug 11. There are 2180 messages. Page 2 of 5.

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