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Re: Bug#140635: ftp-ssl should "Provides: ftp-client"

Am Die, 2002-07-16 um 00.33 schrieb Ben Finney:

> This seems to be completely opposed to prior comments on this same bug
> (#140635).  What are you suggesting should be the resolution?  Should
> ftp-ssl "Provides: ftp", or should both ftp and ftp-ssl "Provides:
> ftp-client"?
> This is important for packages that "Depends: ftp" currently.  Should
> they continue to do so, or should they "Depends: ftp-client" instead?
> Or something else?  Currently, installing ftp-ssl does not satisfy
> packages that "Depends: ftp", and it seems this new version of ftp-ssl
> does not move closer to resolving that situation.

I just did a quick survey. One package provides ftp-client and some
provide ftp.

  konqueror - does it really include a ftp binary?
  heimdal-clients and lukemftp

Perhaps I am missing some.

The problem is, if a package provides ftp it can not be installed
together with the real ftp package. So the correct thing would be to
introduce a virtual package ftp-client. But ftp has to start with it,
ftp-ssl will follow and all the other packages have to change their
control files. konqueror has to check if it really can provide


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