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Re: *term -ls, a summary

> Generally you don't.  But there are some important differences between

Well, no, I do.  Particularly when I'm opening up xterms.

>  * an interactive bash still sources the file ~/.bashrc 
>    so that you can define aliases or functions there to use with both
> 	 shell scripts and login shells, but not setting fancy prompts or
> 	 coloured ls modes which frequently confuse shell scripts.
>  * The default signal/error handling differs.
>  * An interactive shell by default uses the readline library for
>    handling input and performs history expansion.
>  * An interactive shell sets the prompt variable PS1, this was sometimes
>    used to primitivly check for uid 0.

Based on this, I would say that you're looking to xterm to fix
undesired behavior in bash.  I don't think that's productive,
especially when it will reduce functionality for those of us who don't
use bash interactively.

I imagine that you could defeat bash all on your own with some clever
.bashrc logic.

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