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Re: [installer@ftp-master.debian.org: icqv7-t_0.3.0pre2-1_i386.changes is NEW]

Jason Thomas wrote:
> Hi all, I'm wondering why this has not gone into the archive yet, I
> mailed ftp-master a week or so ago and got no reply, can anyone else
> help me with it.

Just stay calm and kind.  Our FTP people are busy with Woody preparations,
security builds, *cough* the potato revision *cough* and some actually
may have a life outside of Debian.  For new packages they need to check
the license, and rationale for a particular section.  Since the package
won't be included into Woody at all, there's no need to hurry.  Hence,
they deserve the time they require to handle the package properly.

Maybe something like that should be added to the installer mail...



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