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[Announce] Debian Vpopmail packages


I have prepared some updated vpopmail and qmailadmin debian packages. 

vpopmail 5.2.1
qmailadmin 1.0.4

There is also a couier-authvchkpw package for version 0.37 of courier.

There is only CDB support as MySQL support requires compile time 
configuration. Also I have disabled clear-text password support as this seems 
to break systems upgrading from 5.0. These packages were built for Debian 3.0 
and may not work on Debian 2.2.

People upgrading from previous versions of these packages may need to remove 
libvpopmail-dev before upgrading.

These are available at http://linux.myspinach.org/debian and should be 

The packages are definitely BETA but work for me. Feedback and contributions 
are welcome. If anyone wants to write some manpages that would be great.

public key available at http://www.minihub.org/~iain/iain.asc

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