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Re: (Possible) menu code rewrite

> I've got a concern which I've raised before, however, about things which
> the Debian menu supports which are not found in Gnome or KDE.  Primarily
> of interest are that console-only applications are not supported, and
> neither are menu hints.  I can live without the latter if we coordinate

There's some additional stuff possible here:
We do have menu entries that need root access (like gkdebconf).
These entries should be displayed if the user is root (will root ever
use menu's?) but also if the user "knows a way to become root" - this
could be any of "sudo" "super" "su" "gnome-sudo"...
which probably should be configureable.

For the already suggested "user-level" setting, "novice" etc.:
Nautilus 1 had such a thing in the menus, and it was removed for naut2
At least the Gnome Interface Team do NOT like that i fear...
Their usual argument is that the menu, settings etc. should be kept that
simple that anyone understands them, whereas experienced users should
use for example gconf-editor to tweak their settings.
I'm not sure if i do agree with that, and if it does apply here.
But instead of leaving some entries out of the menu completely, i'd
prefer just having submenus for the extended programs.
So that even a user preferrring the simpler menus does find all apps in
the menu.


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