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Re: [WARNING] Some notes on the upcoming glibc to unstable

Federico Sevilla III <jijo@free.net.ph> writes:

> On Thu, Jul 25, 2002 at 11:20:07AM -0400, Ben Collins wrote:
> > The next upload of glibc for unstable will have a drastic change.  The
> > minimum kernel supported will be bumped up to 2.2.0.  This means if
> > you have a 2.0.X kernel running unstable; STAY WITH WOODY.
> On the topic of glibc upgrades, I wonder: how dangerous will it be for
> systems (in various states of Debian/Unstable) to do an "apt-get install
> glibc" to upgrade it, instead of the recommended "apt-get dist-upgrade"
> (which updates everything on the system to the current Debian/Unstable
> which may not be preferred in a number of situations)?

In theory any action you can take with apt-get, unless you override
the safeguards, has to work. Anything that does not work is a bug.

In practice of cause you can break your system quite easily

That warning out of the way there should be no problem with updating
glibc alone. I personally update the base packages like glibc, apt,
dpkg, bash usualy first before updating the rest of the system with

PS: Debs have Depends and Conflicts fields to prevent an update from breaking the rest.

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