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Re: (Possible) menu code rewrite

Chris Lawrence wrote:
> Other (undecided) goals:

My main two gripes with the current system as a user are:

1. Although it lets me set up dotfiles in my home directory, I have to
   run update-menus myself; there is no way for a user to ask menu to
   update their personal customized menus when it updates the system
   ones. For me this was too much work, and I don't customize it as a
   user anymore.
2. Somehow whenever I bring up wmaker's menu, it has to read the whole
   thing in from disk and update it. This takes a few seconds, certianly
   too long. Not 100% sure this is a menu system problem, but I suspect
   that the problem is that I tend to upgrade and install new packages
   about as often as I use wmaker's menus, so the menu file has almost
   always been rewritten and wmaker reloads it. If menu could try to
   keep the timestamps the same unless something really changes in a
   file, that might address this.

see shy jo

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