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Re: Bug#152036: ITP: mls -- MLS: MailListStat - a text mode program to display MBOX statistics

On Sun, 7 Jul 2002 22:07, Kevin Rosenberg wrote:
> The full name of mls is MailListStat. However, the binary file, the
> upstream archive file, and all of the source files are called mls --
> hence I choose that name. I'll be glad to have to package renamed,
> though.  MailListStat would be a natural choice (or maybe
> mail-list-stat). I wonder, though, if we rename the Debian package,
> should the name of the installed upstream binary be changed to match
> the Debian package name?
> If the consensus is to rename the package, I'm not sure how to ask the
> archive maintainers to change a name.

Just send them an email summarising this discussion and see what happens.

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